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Avoid unnecessary pain after  Circumcision immediately & sustainably!

Bad wound healing and adhesion of the wound to textiles (Bandage) are the most common causes of great pain after circumcision (due to phimosis). The patient can not sleep at night and cries out in pain, because the bedcover always touches the wound. That does not have to be. Protect your patient after the circumcision with the specially developed phimosis protective pants after circumcision with air-permeable protector baskets. 

Hotline: +49(0) 7162 970 3485
E-Mail: info@aydon.org


High protection: Air permeable protector basket

When my son was circumcised and I had to see how the wound healed slowly, I made it my mission to develop a protective pants after circumcision, which protects the open wound and promotes wound healing after phimosis surgery, because there was nothing comparable for protection after circumcision until then.
You get immediate relief and optimal protection of the wound after a phimosis surgery for your patient. The air-permeable protector basket protects against external influences and simulates natural wound healing. You no longer need to - like many mothers (and fathers) before - join the entire suffering period of the patient or your boy.

Promotes wound healing - reduces the pain

High carry

The soft cotton underpants support the wearing comfort with the light & flexible protector basket in front of the wound

No sticking of the wound on the bandage

Never again pain by the tearing away of the glued textiles on the bandage. As a result, the wound is spared and heals faster

Protection against external influences

At night, while sleeping, the bedcover always touches the wound. Or your boy generally sleeps on his stomach. Now you protect your boy better.

Natural air circulation possible

The lightweight and flexible protector basket contains an air-permeable perforation that allows natural air circulation

An overview of your benefits

  • Very light wearing comfort
  • Four different sizes for boys
  • Four different sizes for men
  • Air permeable protector basket
  • No sticking of the wound
  • Protection against external influences
  • Shipping usually within 24 hours
  • Lowers the risk of infection
  • Orderable in every pharmacy
Hotline: +49(0) 7162 970 3485
E-Mail: info@aydon.org

This is what our customers and patients say

Shane Melaugh

Dear Mr. Yanaz, First of all thank you very much for sending us the two ordered pants so fast. Our five-year-old son was operated last week. After removal of the bandage we put on the phimosis pants and we are excited; our son is so happy that he has asked me to write to you :-) The wound heals very well, nothing sticks together and then has to be painfully peeled off again, it can be covered and also move freely outdoors without anything rubs. Thank you very much again! Best regards from Zweibrücken

A. Hilber

Shane Melaugh

Healing through phimosis pants after circumcision
Dear Aydon Team, Our son had to be circumcised for medical reasons. Unfortunately I did not know anything about these special underpants before the surgery. Our doctor had mentioned this only marginally after the operation. At first I was a bit skeptical, meanwhile 7 days have passed and we have three underpants in use. A brilliant invention! Our son can walk smoothly, wear normal clothing and move about as normal. Washing at 60 degrees guarantees hygienic use. Our son is no longer in pain !! From our point of view, I can give an absolute recommendation and have already presented these pants to our pediatrician, with the request to present this possibility to other parents BEFORE circumcision. Greetings from near Stuttgart

Family Denzinger

Dealers near you

 Thanks to the help of satisfied parents & patients, more and more pharmacies, medical supplies & clinics stock our protective pants after circumcision to provide their patients with it as soon as possible after phimosis surgery. >>Click here for an overview of all dealers << here

Dr. Müller Kornwestheim

Ärztehaus Kornwestheim

KLITRA Praxisbedarf


Dr. Semaan

Praxisbedarf Bonn

Klinik ZADC


The optimal protection after circumcision in case of foreskin constriction (phimosis)

Do not wait for your patient to feel the pain after circumcision. Get the best protection before the phimosis surgery at a local dealer or directly through our online store with delivery, usually within 24 hours. On request with express shipping.

 Hotline: +49(0) 7162 970 3485
E-Mail: info@aydon.org

The optimal protection after circumcision in case of foreskin constriction (phimosis)